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If a person has been to a sports arena at least once in their life, they will easily remember the match that was their first, and in most cases, that day is especially memorable for them. There is nothing surprising about it because the stadium has something that takes your breath away and makes your heart beat faster. Why is that? There are many answers to this question, and all of them are correct. Read more at houston-future

Sport in our city 

Taking into account all the factors, including a rich history, a population of over two million residents and the size of the city, which makes Houston one of the largest cities in the USA, it would be strange to say that there are not enough sports arenas here. Let’s be honest, our city has been generously rewarded by history. We will find out how many sports arenas Houston houses and their characteristic features below.

Almost all internet resources and locals say that the most famous sports teams in the city are:

  • Houston Rockets (basketball)
  • Houston Texans (football)
  • Houston Astros (baseball)

Of course, this is not a complete list of all sports teams, and there are many more of them, but this trio can be considered the most decorated in their type of sports. Not to offend others, we can also add the women’s football clubs, the Houston Dash and Houston Dynamo, to this group. From this, we conclude that they all require sports venues for holding matches, and they have them.

Sports arenas. Names. Numbers

There are plenty of arenas in the city, but let’s cross the NHL and the WNBA from the start, which does not represent our city, at least at the beginning of the 21st century.

As for all other sports, the picture is much better. 

It is probably worth highlighting the gem of our city, the Houston Rodeo. This arena stands out fundamentally from other venues because the main actors of the show are not only people but also animals, which are not always petted.

An old timer and a mastodon among all arenas is considered a 60,000-seater monster that has been impressing the city’s residents and guests for over a century. Of course, we are talking about the NRG Astrodome, which was opened in the middle of the last century. Interestingly, it is one of the first indoor stadiums in the world with a domed roof. The arena hosts competitions in American football, baseball, boxing and wrestling.

It’s hard to ignore another giant at 1510 Polk Street. Toyota Center appeared at the turn of the century, in 2003, and mostly hosts basketball matches featuring the Houston Rockets. Hockey matches and concerts also frequently take place here.

The youngest and most prominent among the arenas is the one with a double name, created by architect Christopher Lee, known for his creation called Emirates Stadium in London. As for this arena, it is called Shell Energy Stadium. Why so? But for now, we are interested in other things.

The arena is home to the Houston Dynamo soccer club and accommodates over 22,000 fans. In terms of age, this red-and-white beauty opened to the public in 2012. Unlike its predecessors, the arena is open and roofless. There are numerous such stadiums around the world.

Frankly, it’s hard to say which stadium is the best because each has its own unique features. It seems that the city’s sports life will get better in the future.

A sports arena is a real theater, and the performance cannot take place without spectators. No words can convey the excitement felt in the stands of a stadium, feeling that passion and understanding that this is love for a lifetime.

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