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Fast food exists in almost every cuisine around the world. In our time, it is very easy to find such establishments, as they are located literally at every corner. Find out more at houston-future.

It was in America that the trend of having a bite on the run first appeared, just like the world’s first burger. The city of Houston is often referred to as the fast food capital of America.

Why did the city receive such a name? Which fast food establishment is considered the most historic in Houston? What do Houstonians love the most?

Why Americans love fast food

Everyone knows that America is a kind of homeland of fast food, but not everyone is aware of the reasons.

American national cuisine does not have an exact definition or a specific menu. This is because people of many nationalities lived in the country and everyone contributed to American cuisine.

So when the first hamburger appeared in the world, precisely in the USA, it has since been considered an element of national cuisine. Back in 1900, American chef Louis Lassen cooked an improvised sandwich (a patty with thin slices of cucumber and two pieces of bread), which later acquired its modern name.

The same happened with establishments like KFC and McDonald’s, they also first opened in America.

The popularity of burgers grew over time. They began to be cooked in several ways, with different fillings, and other quick meal options were added to the menu. Thus, french fries, nuggets, hot dogs, donuts and pizzas have become an integral part of fast food.

Popularity in Houston

Fast food quickly spread throughout American cities but gained the greatest popularity in Houston. There is a record number of fast-food restaurants here.

Vietnamese and Tex-Mex dining establishments are also in demand in Houston.

In the United States of America, the largest burger chains are McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Houston is home to the largest number of each of these chains.

For example, this city has 138 McDonald’s branches, which exceeds the number in any other city in America, not to mention other countries.

Historical fast food establishment

All American cities have very similar fast food establishments. However, each has distinct features, such as local preferences or signature dishes on the menu.

In Houston, one of the oldest and most iconic establishments is Lankford’s Grocery. It was opened in 1937 and initially operated as a stall. It later became a grocery store and eventually transformed into a burger restaurant.

One of the peculiarities of this restaurant is that it was originally opened by the Lankford family and has been passed down as a family business. Today, Lankford’s Grocery is run by the fourth generation of the family.

The establishment is very similar to a typical American burger joint. It’s convenient to have a quick, hearty and tasty snack here. Its compact area accommodates a large number of small tables and an outdoor terrace.

The restaurant’s specialties are, of course, burgers with various fillings: hamburgers and cheeseburgers with vegetables, bacon, fish, vegan and so on. Like any fast food eatery, it wouldn’t be complete without French fries, nuggets, cheese balls, breaded chicken, sandwiches, salads, sweet sodas, black coffee, beer and other treats.

In general, Houstonians immensely love fast food. It’s a great opportunity for them to have a quick and tasty snack. Americans are not particularly known for their passion for cooking. They find it much easier to buy precooked food or ready-made meals from a restaurant.

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