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Houston is home to a large number of museums. When visiting this city, you won’t be able to see all of them in just one day. Moreover, they all have completely different directions, scales and levels of interest. Find out more at houston-future.

The city’s historical pride and one of its most famous landmarks is Space Center Houston. This is a real paradise for space enthusiasts and those who dream of becoming astronauts.

Local residents, tourists and city guests have the opportunity to visit this unique museum and learn new information. Here you will discover and see things that cannot be found in any other space museum.

Why is this museum so popular? How long has it been operating? How large is its area and how important are the exhibits there?

What is Space Center Houston?

Space Center Houston is a large space and technology complex located in Houston. It also serves as a science museum and visitor center for NASA Johnson Space Center.

The space center collaborates with the globally famous agency NASA and serves as a base for astronaut training, as well as a site for tours and the display of rare collections. This center is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in Houston.

It is the most popular tourist destination in the city. If you came to Houston and did not visit the space museum, then you spent your time in vain. Visitors to the center can witness firsthand how astronauts work and train and view scientific exhibits, exclusive documents and collections. Even those who have nothing to do with space would find it fascinating.

A brief history

The Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) was built in 1963. Its first team was given the task of sending people to the Moon within ten years and then bringing them back home.

The mission was successfully accomplished. The whole world was closely following the news.

In February 1973, the center was renamed the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) in honor of the American president who was a native of Texas.

After the successful mission, many subsequent spacecraft operations and space explorations were conducted from this location.

Since 1992, the center has been open to tourists. Over 22 million people have visited this place since its opening. Approximately 1.3 million people take tours each year.

Interesting objects at the space museum

The entire area of this center covers almost 25,000 square meters. It houses about 400 space artifacts, including various models of spaceships, seasonal exhibitions and the world’s largest collection of moon rocks (completely accessible for viewing). There is also an entertainment center for children and adults on the site.

One of the most interesting exhibitions at the museum is called Mission Mars. There you can learn everything about the red planet. You will have the opportunity to see a virtual sunset on Mars, discuss the possibility of life on this planet in the future and learn what it takes to travel to the fourth planet in the solar system.

The most popular attraction is Independence Plaza. This is essentially a unique and one-of-a-kind space shuttle replica where you can enter.

NASA Tram Tour allows visitors to go inside the complex and see where and under what conditions space exploration takes place. The Space Center also provides space science training for students and teachers. Apart from studying space, you will learn about astronaut life and study exact sciences such as mathematics, engineering and technology.

Entrance to the center is charged. Getting one ticket, you are free to visit any exhibits and tours. Additional payment is required for obtaining an education within the center.

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