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Digital and computer technologies have burst into human life a short time ago. It happened so quickly that the existence of the planet is unimaginable in our days without computers and their capabilities. Alongside the development of these devices, the IT sphere, which is connected to the digital world, has also rapidly evolved. We must acknowledge today that IT is simply indispensable in the future, as it is one the most crucial components of everything that surrounds us. It’s hard to overestimate the contribution of those individuals who are the sanitarians of the computer world. They not only detect errors but also create new programs, improving and upgrading them each time. Read more at houston-future

Introduction to the giant

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is an American IT giant that appeared in 2015. Despite its young age, it is considered one of the most well-known companies in the world today. Its capabilities and services are unparalleled. Texas residents feel very proud that this company has its headquarters in Houston. It did not happen right away though, and further we will learn more about it.

The company did not emerge out of thin air. After the split of HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard, the latter was named Hewlett Packard Enterprise and started its independent journey, not without the help of those who came aboard. It is important to note that all previously earned funds were divided equally between the two brothers. To avoid delving into calculations, it’s worth mentioning that these sums amount to tens of billions of dollars.

Since then, the company’s employees have been providing a wide range of services in the field of digital technologies, a list of which would make representatives from other similar corporations envious.

It is worth noting that after the collapse of the aforementioned corporations, this company inherited quite a few technological assets, numbering up to two dozen. This still helps the company’s employees perform the most complex operations.

Names, facts, first steps, changes

In May 2016, the company began to make its first personnel reshuffle and adjustments in the stock market. Michael Laurie, the former head of Computer Sciences, became the CEO of the company.

At the end of 2016, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise began collaborating with the company SUSE, which later became a powerful Linux partner of the company.

At the beginning of 2017, HPE experienced another pivotal moment in its activities. Then, the company began cooperating with the manufacturer of hyperconverged systems, SimplyVity. Thus, they intended to reach the same level of competition as the globally famous brand DELL.

Relocation and not only

In 2020, it was reported that the company decided to change its location and move its headquarters from San Jose to Houston. In February of the same year, the construction of a new home for HPE began.

Two years passed, and in April, it was officially announced that the headquarters was opened at City Place in Springwoods Village.

The new global company’s hub consists of two five-story buildings connected by bridges.

World shopping centers would be jealous of this building and all its amenities. But this was expected, considering that this is an IT giant. In addition to cafes, restaurants and a gym, the characteristics of the building are as follows:

  •  Rented space of 440,000 square feet
  •  Parking for 2,055 cars
  •  72 soundproof chambers
  •  Nearly 1,000 standing and sitting stations
  •  12 and 14 thousand square feet laboratories
  •  Basketball court.

All this and much more, but as they say, “seeing is believing.”

Undoubtedly, HPE can be considered a role model in the IT industry worldwide. Considering its relatively young age, it’s hard to imagine how drastically things can change in youth and adult life, so let’s wait and see.

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