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We live in an era of rapid development, and the internet plays a crucial role in this surge. Take television, for example, which is deeply ingrained in our modern lives. Few people remember the times when to get a clear picture on a TV screen, one had to climb onto the roof to adjust a metal structure or run around the apartment with it. Such devices as television antennas in their original form are almost forgotten, but back then, watching favorite movies and shows required quite an effort. After that, all you wanted to do was to lie down and sleep for a few hours. Nowadays, television is provided via the internet signal. In this article, we will recall the period when the quality of the TV image depended on the location of the repeater. So, let’s return to the 20th century. Learn more at houston-future.

Senior Road Tower. Main facts

Historically, there have never been television towers in Houston in their common sense. However, not far from the city, specifically in northeastern Fort Bend County, stands the Senior Road Tower mast. This tower once provided Texas towns with television signals.

At the end of the last millennium near Missouri City, just 20 minutes from downtown Houston, a 601-meter tower was erected in 1983. The purpose of this tall structure was to transmit TV and FM broadcast signals to the region.

As the internet developed, the tower began sending only radio signals and continues to do so to this day.

This tower was restored not only to provide signals but also to replace its predecessor, which tragically ended its history in 1982. During the construction works that year, a collapse occurred, claiming the lives of five people.

Times before the appearance of the Senior Road Tower

In the middle of the last century, the majority of all radio and television transmitters were located in the center of Houston on the roof of the famous skyscraper One Shell Plaza. A small percentage of other repeaters were located near the city center. However, the rapid construction of new skyscrapers radically changed the situation, which impeded the transmission of the signal. The situation became particularly acute in the largest city of Texas in the 1970s and 1980s, and the issue of relocating transmitters was only a matter of time.

All radio and TV stations began to search for a new, more productive location for broadcasting. As a result, they came to a decision, albeit with some disagreements.

All nine radio stations and two TV stations found a potential site for the mast construction on Senior Road. This consortium was called Senior Road Tower Group. Soon, several new TV and FM stations were added to this group.

The construction of the tower began in 1982, and by November 7th, the signal was already being transmitted to televisions. On February 1st, 1983, radio communication was also sent from this place. Although the mast started its operation, its creators still tried to improve it. The ending of this story was mentioned at the beginning of the article.

On December 7th, when the antenna was being lifted to the top of the structure, a cable snapped, causing the collapse of the tower. We already know what happened in the end. It’s worth noting that one of the employees filmed this event, but who knew he would capture such a tragic video? The names of those responsible for the tragedy were found, but that’s a completely different story.

After the tragedy, a new tower appeared on the site of the previous one, which still sends radio signals to local stations. Unfortunately, this story could not escape a significant setback, but as they say, “What’s done is done.”

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