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Legends say that the writing system was started as early as 3000 years BC by the ancient Sumerians. Over time, humanity learned to do simple things, some of which could be considered as early forms of information technology, now commonly known as IT. The first discussions about something similar to what we are used to seeing in the modern world took place in 1958 in the well-known publication Harvard Business Review. Although the process already had some mechanism, the current term “IT” was not created immediately. It is unclear when exactly it happened. Learn more at houston-future.

Official sources indicate that Charles Babbage is considered the founder and godfather of IT, or rather, a pioneer in computing technology.

The city of Houston should rightfully be counted among those that are constantly and rapidly developing, so it would be easier to find something it does not have. Not to mention the specific sphere, which is a key element of the existence of the modern metropolis. Today, we will learn about one of the factors that help the city reach new achievements.

The birth, the first steps and the first management team of the company

In 2013, at the intersection of Century Plaza Dr and Woodham Dr, a single-story building with a red roof appeared. From its exterior, one could never assume that cutting-edge digital technologies are being developed here.

The founder and creator of the company is Russell Quinn. He had been working in the IT field since 1992, so at the time of founding, he had 21 years of experience. In the 2020s, Russell was also the head of the company. Besides IT, he also had considerable experience working with such business giants as Pfizer, Jefferson-Pilot Data Services, Columbine JDS and many more where Mr. Quinn used his expertise. These were mostly executive positions where Russell gained experience, but it was time for him to branch out on his own, bringing loyal companions along with him.

This team included like-minded individuals with more than 20 years of experience in IT.

One of the first to join the company was Tonya Asbill. Previously, she worked in the oil refining industry and devoted most of her life to volunteering.

Sean Lawrence was appointed as the technical support manager. He is responsible for customer contact within the company and is on call almost 24/7.

The marketing manager became a volunteer who had previously prospered in business. She dedicated a lot of time to religion, but above all, Victoria Getz is an unquestionable professional in her field.

Of course, this is not a complete list of those who joined Mr. Russell to embark on a great journey in the future.

Professional activity

As of the 2020s, the team ranks among the top 20 IT companies in Houston, which speaks to the quality of their work.

But let’s try to figure out what Quinn Technology Solutions is about, and if we start with the term “IT,” everything becomes clear.

The company is oriented on business clients and provides professional and business services, cloud services and managed IT services. The company operates around the clock not only in Houston but also in the state of Texas, including Sugar Land, Galveston, Katy and the surrounding areas of The Woodlands.

Obviously, the company offers many more services, such as assistance with cyber attacks, data recovery, backup, cloud storage, virtualization services and all other IT-related services.

Houston is home to hundreds of IT companies, and everyone can choose the one that works best for them. Ensuring the operation of your business and having professionals by your side is the most important thing.

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